Great Review from Washington Post

26 04 2013

Students Making Sense of the World book coverJust found out that the Washington Post named this book an intriguing e-book. And called it “Surprising, uplifting, assertive.”

I’m thrilled to have art and a 6-word bio in it and to be included with art students of all ages who have a 6-word message for the world. I’d call many of their contributions insightful, intriguing, and inspirational. A book to remind you of your hopes and dreams.

More about the book from the Post article:

“Everybody has a story. What’s yours?”

From Smith’s grandfather, he learned that everyone has a tale — often funny, thoughtful, or moving. One he loves: “I still make coffee for two.” Another: “Mom’s Alzheimer’s: She forgets, I remember.” So, what IS your story?

Another Great Review!

15 08 2009

How exciting is this?? Five out five hearts for Summer Lovin’ from The Romance Studio!! Here’s a quick peek at some of the comments:

“One of the best things in Summer Lovin’ is the variety of locales. From a sand sculpture contest on Vancouver Island to a miniature golf course somewhere in middle America, the appealing heroines set forth. They are from different backgrounds, and all kinds of families, but each one is someone the reader would love to know.

And of course, there are the boys. Cute boys, gorgeous boys, even kind and caring boys.

And a few the reader hopes will go away before they cause any more trouble. But there are definitely boys, because how could a girl imagine her summer without at least the hope of one of these guys to make it special. And maybe a few kisses to make the summer extra sparkly.

Read this book this summer, I think its magic is contagious.”

Overall rating:

Wow! Another Great Review!

13 08 2009

Just got a fab review for my story,  “Summer Storms,” in the Wild Rose Press anthology, Summer Lovin’. The reviewer discussed each story individually–how cool is that? Here are a few excerpts from the LASR review:


Summer Storms by Laurie J. Edwards

I’ve never read anything by Ms. Edwards, but I have to say after reading this story that I plan to read some more from this talented author. Summer Storms was my favorite of the anthology…

A heart touching story…I could feel the urgency and emotions of these characters caught in a possibly deadly situation. Outstanding.

Check out the review for more about the stories by the other authors:

Dara Edmondson, Mona Ingram, Kimberlee R. Mendoza, Sydney Shay, and June Sproat

Summer Lovin’ Review

20 07 2009

“Memorable.” That’s the rating reviewer Andrea used to describe Summer Lovin’.

Here’s a quote from the review:

“The stories are well written, the characters sharply defined and the scenes and dialogue are believable. ”

Thanks, Andrea, from Between the Lines.

Summer Lovin’ review

24 06 2009

Check out a great review and some excerpts for Summer Lovin’ at Climbing Rose blog.

Angel in Disguise?

23 06 2009

Recently, I joined Thomas Nelson’s reader program. In exchange for a sneak peek at their latest releases, I agreed to post a review of each book in two places. The first title I chose, The Noticer by Andy Andrews, has received a lot of hype in the media. Very similar in format to other simple-to-read books filled with encouragement, it appeared to be a compilation of wisdom from many sources. If you want a quick, feel-good read, pick this up.

Here’s what I said in the review:

Combining wisdom from a variety of sources, including The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, The Noticer provides insights into improving human relationships. Jones, not Mr. Jones, a drifter, an ageless old man with a gift for noticing what others need, offers nuggets of truth to turn around failing marriages, businesses, and lives. Although the advice is familiar, the allegory brings it together in one place, making it a quick read for anyone who’s lost hope.