Catching Up

26 07 2018
Jan 2018 releases

January 2018 releases

I apologize because it’s been ages since I’ve blogged, but that’s because I’ve been under contract for quite a few books. In 2016, I wrote 8 books. In 2017, that jumped to 12 books in one year. Of course, that meant I also had that many book launches. Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve written 7 books and had 8 books releases.

Many of the book launches over the past two years included book tours, school and library visits, blog tours, magazine interviews, TV and radio appearances, book festival visits, and conferences. So blogging end up getting pushed aside.

Oh, and I write under 4 different names, which meant adopting different personas for the various book tours and signings. Not to mention all the social media platforms and websites I need to maintain for each pen name. It’s not always easy to keep all the names straight when I autograph books, so if you ever come across one of my books with a flower in front of my name, it means I started writing the wrong name.

Here’s a list of the books I’ve written since 2016:

Picture Books

Mystery of the Missing Parathas (2017)

MG books

Second Chance Ranch series (written as Kelsey Abrams; North Star):

Taking Chances (2018)

Wild Midnight (2018)

Bunny Buddies (2019)

Llama Drama (2019)

Exploring Ancient Rome (12-Story Library, 2018)

YA Nonfiction (Cengage, 2016)

Imperial China

West African Kingdoms

Ancient Egypt


Love & Profanity (Capstone, 2016)

Strange Magic (2016)

Amish Novels (written as Rachel J. Good)

Love & Promises series (Hachette/Grand Central)

Amish Teacher’s Gift (2018)

Amish Midwife’s Secret (2018)

Amish Widow’s Rescue (2019)

Sisters & Friends series

Change of Heart (Charisma House, 2016)

Buried Secrets (Charisma House, 2017)

Gift from Above (Harlequin, 2019)

Big-City Amish (Harlequin, 2019)

Amish Queen (2019)

Hearts of Amish Country series

Secret Identity (2018)

Hearts Reunited (2018)


Springs of Love (2017)

Love’s Thankful Heart (2017)

Plain Everyday Heroes (2018)

Plain Christmas (2018)


Amish Quilts Coloring Book (Book 1 in the Amish Quilts & Proverbs series; 2016)


And that doesn’t count the books I’m working on now, works I’m hoping to sell, or the proposals my agent is working out contract details on. So 2018 and 2019 are shaping up to be equally as busy, but I’m going to try to blog once in a while.



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1 09 2018
Marcia Strykowski

You (and your books) are amazing! I can’t believe how many books you’ve written in such a short time. Congratulations, Laurie!

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