Angel in Disguise?

23 06 2009

Recently, I joined Thomas Nelson’s reader program. In exchange for a sneak peek at their latest releases, I agreed to post a review of each book in two places. The first title I chose, The Noticer by Andy Andrews, has received a lot of hype in the media. Very similar in format to other simple-to-read books filled with encouragement, it appeared to be a compilation of wisdom from many sources. If you want a quick, feel-good read, pick this up.

Here’s what I said in the review:

Combining wisdom from a variety of sources, including The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, The Noticer provides insights into improving human relationships. Jones, not Mr. Jones, a drifter, an ageless old man with a gift for noticing what others need, offers nuggets of truth to turn around failing marriages, businesses, and lives. Although the advice is familiar, the allegory brings it together in one place, making it a quick read for anyone who’s lost hope.