Published Articles

I am now officially over the 2200 mark for # of articles I’ve written (and had accepted for publication). Not sure what my count is for articles I’ve written & not had published. Not sure I want to find out either. But I am now at that point in my career where publishers are coming to me.

But it also means I’m asked to do a lot of articles for educational databases, for school reading books, for high profile people/companies who want people to think they wrote the articles, and for other cool things that give me no byline.

Is a byline really that big a deal? For me, not really. A greater joy would be to know that one or two kids liked reading what I wrote or learned something new. And I always try to throw in one cool and totally unusual fact that I don’t think they’ll learn anywhere else.

And I do have some publishing credits in mags such as Highlights for Children, Junior Trails, Clubhouse, On the Line, Whispers from Heaven, Women Alive, School Library Journal, First Teacher, and other national publications. And I also have a few articles online…

Such as these:


And in SCBWI Carolinas Pen & Palette

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