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18 08 2013

The Narrative Breakdown is a series of episodes produced by editor Cheryl Klein and  filmmaker James Monohan. In it, the hosts, along with well-known authors, share their trade secrets. They reveal storytelling tips and techniques especially for YA writers, but the suggestions are applicable to any genre.

Helping Japan

31 03 2011

I support Kidlit4Japan Authors are some of the most generous people I know. So many fellow authors have helped me along the road to publication by offering advice, critiques, and contacts. If it weren’t for their assistance, I wouldn’t be where I am today–able to make my living by writing. I only hope that I can do the same for others.

But authors aren’t only generous with their time and advice, they’re willing to give monetarily as well. Many children’s authors, illustrators, and publishers have banded together to help Japan. They’ve donated goods and services that are being auctioned at Children’s Authors and Illustrators for Japan. Everything from books to prints to editorial services are available.

Even if you’re an adult author, you can take advantage of some great critiques by well-known agents and editors going up for bidding over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out as postings are added daily.

If you’re a YA author, Leap Books editor Kat O’Shea is offering three critiques. If you’ve been dying to submit to Leap Books, here’s your chance. Normally they take only agented submissions, but the authors that Kat critiques can submit manuscripts to Leap Books. Watch for Auction #67 posted today.

Want a critique by agent Ammi-Joan Paquette? Or from Liz Waniewski from Dial? Watch for those coming up later this week.

And while you’re there, be sure to look at all the other great items. Nab one of these terrific badges to show your support. Better yet, pop over to the website now and start bidding.Link

Check out some other auctions:

Authors for Japan
Genre for Japan
Write Hope
Writers for the Red Cross

Ready to Party??

20 05 2010

Art by Salvatore Vuono

Although Tuesday is the first day of sessions at BEA (BookExpo America) in New York City, one of the highlights of the day will be the Teen Author Carnival held that evening from 5-8 pm at

Jefferson Market Branch Library
425 Avenue of the Americas [at 10th St.],

Hosts of the event are: Devyn Burton, Mitali Dave, and Korianne Wey.

Here’s the star-studded list for that event:

Author List:

  1. Heidi Kling – Website
  2. Jeri Smith-Ready – Website
  3. Holly Cupala – Website
  4. Michelle Zink – Website
  5. Stephanie Kuehnert – Website
  6. Elizabeth Scott – Website
  7. Judith Graves – Website
  8. Alexandra Diaz – Website
  9. Barry Lyga – Website
  10. Jon Skovron – Website
  11. Tonya Hurley – Website
  12. Amy Brecount White – Website
  13. Linda Gerber – Website
  14. Melissa Walker – Website
  15. Kieran Scott – Website
  16. Courtney Sheinmel – Website
  17. Michael Northrop – Website
  18. Lauren Oliver – Website
  19. Ned Vizzini – Website
  20. Melissa Kantor – Website
  21. Susane Colasanti – Website
  22. Violet Haberdasher – Website
  23. Eliot Schrefer – Website
  24. Sarah Darer Littman – Website
  25. Gayle Forman – Website
  26. Sarah Ockler – Website
  27. Sarah Mlynowski – Website
  28. Maryrose Wood – Website
  29. Kody Keplinger – Website
  30. Simone Elkeles – Website

So if you’re ready to party, this is THE place to be on Tuesday, May 24, 2010.

YA Authors

25 06 2009

This long, extensive list came  from Alessandra Lee. Check out Alessandra’s YA Authors Who Blog.

Are you on the list?

  1. Susan Adrian @susan_adrian
  2. Katie Alender @katiealender
  3. Jill S. Alexander @jillsalexander
  4. Tara Altebrando @TaraAltebrando
  5. Olugbemisola Amusashonubi-Perkovich @olugbemisola
  6. Laurie Halse Anderson @halseanderson
  7. R. J. Anderson @rj_anderson
  8. Joelle Anthony @joellewrites
  9. Kelley Armstrong @KelleyArmstrong
  10. Amanda Ashby @amandaashby
  11. Andrew Auseon @andrewauseon
  12. Kim Baccellia @ixtumea
  13. Cyn Balog @cynbalog
  14. Tracey Baptiste @traceybaptiste
  15. Jennifer Lynn Barnes @jenlynnbarnes
  16. Lauren Barnholdt @laurenbarnholdt
  17. Vanessa Barneveld @vanessab73
  18. Clare Bell @rathacat
  19. Robin Benway @robinbenway
  20. Jonathan Bernstein @jbpeevish
  21. Holly Black @hollyblack
  22. Coe Booth @coebooth
  23. Robin Brande @Robin_Brande
  24. Libba Bray @libbabray
  25. Leigh Brescia @leighbrescia
  26. Heather Brewer @heatherbrewer
  27. Jennifer Brown @jennifunny
  28. Susan Taylor Brown @susanwrites
  29. Meg Cabot @megcabot
  30. Rachel Caine @jennifunny
  31. Chelsea Campbell @kaerfel
  32. Janet Lee Carey @janetleecarey
  33. Ceil Castellucci @cecilseaskull
  34. Susane Colasanti @susanecolasanti
  35. Deborah Copeland @authorgrl
  36. Paula Chase Hyman @Paulachy
  37. Tera Lynn Childs @teralynnchilds
  38. Cassandra Clare @cassieclare
  39. Rosemary Clement-Moore @rclementmoore
  40. Eoin Colfer @eoincolfer
  41. Deborah Copeland @authorgrl
  42. Sarah Cross @thesarahcross
  43. Holly Cupala @hollycupala
  44. Diane Curran @chickollage
  45. Sarah Dessen @sarahdessen
  46. Cory Doctorow @doctorow
  47. Kathleen Duey @kathleenduey
  48. Anthony Eaton @anthonyeaton
  49. Laurie J. Edwards @LaurieJEwards
  50. Daniel Ehrenhaft @danielehrenhaft
  51. Beth Fehlbaum @bethfehlbaum
  52. Neil Gaiman @neilhimself
  53. Liz Gallagher @lizgallagherliz
  54. Linda Gerber @gerbsan
  55. K.L. Going @klgoing
  56. Alison Goodman @alisongoodman
  57. Alan Gratz @Alan_Gratz
  58. Claudia Gray @claudiagray
  59. John Green @realjohngreen
  60. Lorie Ann Grover @lorieanngrover
  61. Megan Kelley Hall @megankelleyhall
  62. Brendan Halpin @bhalpin
  63. Jenny Han @jennyhan
  64. S.A. Harazin @saharazin
  65. Brent Hartinger @brenthartinger
  66. Natalie Hatch @nataliehatch
  67. Louise Hawes @louisehawes
  68. Justina Chen Headley @justinaheadley
  69. Simmone Howell @postteen
  70. Mandy Hubbard @mandyhubbard
  71. Denise Jaden @denisejaden
  72. Mark Jeffrey @markjeffrey
  73. Maureen Johnson @maureenjohnson
  74. Varian Johnson @varianjohnson
  75. Carrie Jones @carriejonesbook
  76. Heidi S. Kling @seaheidi
  77. A.S. King @as_king
  78. Jo Knowles @joknowles
  79. William Kostakis @williamkostakis
  80. Marie Lamba @marielamba
  81. Margo Lanagan @margolanagan
  82. Justine Larbalestier @JustineLavaworm
  83. Jessica Leader @JessicaLeader
  84. Mary Lindsey @marylindsey
  85. E. Lockhart @elockhart
  86. Cara Lockwood @CaraLockwood
  87. Greg Logsted @greglogsted
  88. Lauren Baratz Logsted @laurenbaratzl
  89. Kiki Lon @kikilon
  90. Rita Lorraine @ritalorraine
  91. Eric Luper @ericluper
  92. Lisa Madigan @lkmadigan
  93. Bennett Madison @bennettmadison
  94. Sandra Malench @SandraMalench
  95. Donna Maloy @donnamaloy
  96. Marianne Mancusi @mariannemancusi
  97. Lisa Mantchev @lisamantchev
  98. Christine Marciniak @ckmarciniak
  99. Melissa Marr @melissa_marr
  100. Georgia McBride-Wohl @Georgia_McBride
  101. Lisa McMann @lisa_mcmann
  102. Neesha Meminger @NeeshaMem
  103. Kate Messner @kmessner
  104. Richelle Mead @RichelleMead
  105. Dawn Metcalf @duskydawn
  106. Saundra Mitchell @saundramitchell
  107. Sarah Mlynowski @SarahMlynowski
  108. Tee Morris @TeeMonster
  109. Kirsty Murray @kirstymurray
  110. Alyson Noel @alysonnoel
  111. Sarah Ockler @sarahockler
  112. Micol Ostow @micolz
  113. Kelly Parra @kparra
  114. Mary Pearson @marypearson
  115. Marlene Perez @MarPerez
  116. Mitali Perkins @mitaliperkins
  117. Diana Peterfreund @dpeterfreund
  118. Aprilynne Pike @AprilynnePike
  119. Cheryl Rainfield @cherylrainfield
  120. Karen Rivers @karenrivers
  121. Dana Reinhardt @dsreinhardt
  122. Chris Resttstatt @Rettstatt
  123. Serena Robar @serenarobar
  124. Christine Rose @christinerose
  125. Penni Russon @eglantinescake
  126. Carrie Ryan @carrieryan
  127. Sara Ryan @ryansara
  128. Lisa Ann Sandell @lisaannsandell
  129. John Scalzi @scalzi
  130. Yasmin Shiraz @yasminshiraz
  131. Janni Lee Simner @innaj
  132. Linda Joy Singleton @LindaJoySinglet
  133. Jon Skovron @jonnyskov
  134. Rhonda Stapleton @rhondastapleton
  135. Courtney Summers @courtney_s
  136. Sarah Sumpolec @SarahSumpolec
  137. Nikki Tate @WriterGrrrl
  138. Brooke Taylor @brooketaylorboo
  139. Tiffany Trent @tiffanytrent
  140. Gaby Triana @gabytriana
  141. Anne Van @eastlake1889
  142. Melissa Walker @melissacwalker
  143. Diana Wallach @dianarwallach
  144. Gabrielle Wang @gabriellewang
  145. Robin Wasserman @robinwasserman
  146. Sara Bennett Wealer @sbennettwealer
  147. Deborah Wiles @deborahwiles
  148. Lili Wilkinson @twitofalili
  149. Sara Zarr @sarazarr
  150. Michelle Zink @michellezink

Character Twitters:

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Regan Stanford (Micol Ostow’s Bradford series) @California_Chic
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Chloe Watkins (Diane Curran’s Bilby Creek series) @chloewatkins
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