Ethiopian Reading Book

26 04 2014

Reading Book for Ethiopian Students It’s wonderful to see the reading book for Ethiopian students that I worked on become a reality. I had the fantastic experience of working with Peace Corps volunteer Neen Talbott, and I wrote about that experience awhile back in Hands Around the World.

It was awesome to get reams of information from Neen on the background, student interests, and cultural details to include. Then she shared what I wrote with the villagers and passed the feedback on. Having grown up in Africa, I had some idea of the culture, but my knowledge was of West Africa, so I enjoyed learning about the similarities and differences.



Students using the book in the classroom

The illustrations were done by an Ethiopian artist who is an instructor at Addis Ababa University. I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive, but when it does, I hope to share some of the interior art.