Summer Lovin’ Review

20 07 2009

“Memorable.” That’s the rating reviewer Andrea used to describe Summer Lovin’.

Here’s a quote from the review:

“The stories are well written, the characters sharply defined and the scenes and dialogue are believable. ”

Thanks, Andrea, from Between the Lines.

Red River Falls Radio Blog

10 07 2009

I did a radio show yesterday with a group of other authors. We each read from our books to put together an hour show. I was nervous going into it, but it was fun once I got started. I read the first two chapters of Summer Lovin’ and talked a bit about how and why I wrote it. The show’s archived at if you want to listen.

So stretching and doing what scares you is good practice for expanding your world, your boundaries, your mind, and your experiences. And just like exercise is good for your body, it’s also good for your soul and spirit. What stretches have you done today??

The Winner Is…

2 07 2009

We have a winner for an e-copy of Summer Lovin’. The lovely Tanya Hanson, who’s in the midst of wedding preparations. Thanks for commenting everyone!!


11 06 2009

A teen reader just commented that she “loved” my story, “Summer Storms,” in Summer Lovin’. And as for the rest, she said: “So far the stories in this book are amazing.”

A fun day!

27 05 2009

What a great day so far!! My author copies of Rihanna just arrived & our first review for Summer Lovin’ is in at And it’s a good one! Yay!!

I’m Having Twins

7 05 2009

Rihannasummerlovin_3767_300Talk about coincidences, I just got my release date for Summer Lovin’ , & the digital release date is 5/22—the exact same day as Rihanna‘s releasing!! I feel like I’m having twins, but this should be a lot easier!

The print book won’t be out until July, though: the tenth to be exact.