More Monkey Business?

13 04 2011

As a follow-up to the previous post, thank you to all the kind people who thought I was the cute little girl on the bottom step.  Unfortunately, that’s my younger sister. So I guess that makes a monkey out of me. At least that’s what my sister always told people.

So I’m planning my revenge…

I’ve been working on art for the African Animals book, and have a partially completed painting of a monkey. I think I’ll do one similar to this, but paint me into the picture with the baby monkey. Then we can each have a picture called “My Sister and Me.”


© Laurie J. Edwards 2011


Monkey Business?

7 04 2011

My sister, the monkeyI promised a story, and this one’s about my early years in Africa. Here’s a picture from that time. In our family this picture has been titled, “My Sister and Me.” (And, yeah, I know that title’s grammatically incorrect, but that’s the least of my worries.) Which one’s the sister? And which one’s “me”?

Does Exercise Make You Smarter?

4 05 2010

I just read a study that showed monkeys who ran on a treadmill for an hour for five days a week showed increased cognitive ability along with greater blood flow to the brain. But if they became sedentary afterward, they lost those advantages.

This information from Medical News Today set me to wondering. As a writer and editor, I spend a good portion of my day sitting. So does that mean my brain power is slowly (or perhaps quickly) draining away? Very scary thought.

Perhaps that explains my memory loss. Is it possible that, rather than aging causing a loss of brain cells, the decrease in cognition comes from becoming more sedentary as we age? I like that explanation. It gives me hope that I can reverse the effects of aging. All I have to do is get on a treadmill five days a week.

How likely is that? Probably as likely as me swinging by my tail from a tree. Let’s just say those monkeys have me beat by a mile (or more).

That leads to another, even scarier, thought. If the monkeys keep running and I keep sitting, will they eventually become smarter than I am and take over my job?