Cow Mania?

8 05 2010

Watercolor by Laurie J. Edwards

I like cows. I really do. I even painted this picture of one looking at me with soulful eyes.

We live in a fairly rural area where we have a few cows across the street along with herds of goats, flocks of guinea fowl, and some donkeys. Yes, donkeys whose brays sound like an tortured child’s screeches. So the quiet cows, who chew their cuds, and the adorable calves with big eyes tug at my heartstrings. It’s hard to believe anyone can actually eat these animals.

But after reading some frightening statistics recently, I discovered that cows are one of the greatest sources of global warming and air pollution. How could such sweet, gentle animals be responsible for this awful deed? It seems their gas is filled with methane. Supposedly cows are a greater hazard to the environment than all the trucks and cars in this country put together. Yikes!

And the biggest contributors to that pollution are the massive farm factories that serve the meat market. Guess I should have painted this instead:

Stop air-pollution! Stop eating beef!

Watercolor/Photoshop image by Laurie J. Edwards

But wait a minute. If we eat the beef, won’t that decrease air-pollution?