Angel in the Mist is out

19 04 2012

All royalties go to support the Fredricksen Library.

Just got a notice that the book featuring my story, “Angel in the Mist,” is up for presale.

My story, a light paranormal, is an unusual twist on a love story. It begins in Ireland during the potato famine and crosses the ocean twice. If you love historicals, romance, or ghost stories, you might want to give it a try.

Best of all, all proceeds benefit a library. Combine your reading with your giving or vice versa and allow others to do the same.

Here’s a list of the other authors who are included:

  • Hunting Season – Rayne Ayers Debski
  • Take Care – Margaret DeAngelis
  • Angel in the Mist – Laurie J. Edwards
  • Survivor Barbie – C.A.Masterson
  • A Soldier’s Gift – Don Helin
  • Operation Pumpkin Patch – Gina Napoli
  • A Cautious Life – Larry C. Kerr
  • The Green Eyed Monster – Catherine Jordan
  • Smoke – Lori M. Myers
  • Number 11 – Maria McKee
  • The Things She Chose to Keep – Susan Pigott
  • The Surprise Party – Carol A. Lauver
  • an excerpt from “Oops,” Said God – Duffy Batzer
  • Swan Song – Ann Elia Stewart
  • Dragon Riders – D.A.Morrow
  • Free as a Bluejay – Madelyn Killion
  • 4:30 – Bob Walton
  • Fade to Black – Kathryn Grace
  • The Nature of Sin – Maria McKee
  • Dead Letters – Susan Girolami Kramer
  • Dissipation – C.A.Masterson
  • The Mirror – Susan E. Bangs
  • Betsy’s Delight – Marlene Ross
  • Moving Targets – Debra A. Varsanyi
  • Creature of Habit – Don Helin

I’m also thrilled that 3 of my CPs also have work in the anthology. Nothing like having group booksignings. 🙂

Are Librarians Vicious?

22 04 2010

Is This What Librarians Are Really Like?

Sure librarians have always had to fight the stereotype of the frowning, shushing prim-and-proper old maid. And some librarians have worked hard to overcome that image by getting tattoos and piercings and driving Harleys.

But are they still coming across as ogres? Read this list of signs posted in libraries and tell me what you think. (But remember, I’m a former librarian, so be gentle.)


21 03 2010

I always love it when I discover a new way to promote literacy. The Young Alberta Book Society has a tremendous program for connecting kids and authors. Called TaleBlazers, this festival runs from October 4-29.

Here’s an explanation of this joint project from the website (

“During Taleblazers, YABS coordinates presentations and workshops by Alberta writers, illustrators, and storytellers in schools, public libraries and other venues province-wide. YABS subsidizes these presentations by paying for all travel and accommodation, thereby helping to make these important visits much more affordable for the hosting schools and libraries. We reach an audience of about 60,000 students each year with readings and workshops by Albertan literary professionals.”

How cool is that? They provide literary programs for schools and libraries, many of which couldn’t afford to host an author visit. What a great way to connect kids and literature!

Here’s a round of applause for this literary venture!!