Now I’ve seen everything…

11 12 2010

I’d heard of dresses made of duct tape, of paper, and of trash bags, but this blog takes things to a new level. Among their selection of the top 10 most unusual dresses is a dress made out of porcelain. Yep, and it looks as if most of the plates are broken, so not only would it be extremely heavy to wear, you’d also also have to be careful not to cut yourself on the broken pottery. The dress itself is gorgeous, BTW, but practical, it isn’t.

It would make a great “break-up” dress, though. Wear this while you’re slow dancing and… your date will get the picture that you’re unavailable. The body armor and leaving him bloodied ought to do the trick. And no need to worry about him staining the dress. The blood will just wash off. But who wants to do all those dishes???