Is Your Shadow Brand Holding You Back?

12 05 2009

Just read a great article by Jenn Stark (Branding Expert/Know Your Brand) on “You and Your Brand.” Everyone says authors need to establish a brand—a short, pithy statement that identifies them and their books. But Jenn’s advice went further. She identifies three types of branding—your core brand, your functional brand, and your shadow brand. The functional brand is the one you advertise to the public, but the other two are internal. The way Jenn describes them, they’re tied to your self-concept. What words do you think about when you label yourself internally? Those words make a difference in how successful you’ll be in reaching your goals. The core brand is more of your positive assessment, whereas the shadow is your darker side. Ouch! When I read her description of the shadow brand, I saw myself–fear of rejection. You may have a different shadow brand. Is your shadow brand holding you back from achieving your goals? Not sure? Check out Jenn’s article.