Conquering Setbacks

11 07 2010

You can do it, baby!

Whenever babies are about to make huge advances in their skills, they frequently regress. A toddler who has been taking her first steps may suddenly revert to crawling. A highly verbal child may fall silent for a few days or even weeks. But following that regression, the baby blossoms and shows off a brand new skill.

So perhaps adults also need times of regression in our lives to gather our strength before we tackle and conquer the next plateau.



4 responses

11 07 2010
Susan Gourley

I think a person doesn’t really know their own strength until they have suffered a set back. I’ve survived them in my writing career though some have been more difficult than others.

11 07 2010
Lisa Hess

I love this post! It makes so much sense…one of those “now why didn’t I think of that??” moments. Thanks, Laurie!

13 07 2010
Robyn M Speed - Writer

Oh that is SO where I am in my life right now. Thanks for adding your voice to all I am being told.

16 07 2010

You’re welcome. Hope it means a great and mighty jump forward for you very soon!

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