Are You a Fence-sitter?

7 05 2010

Photo by Simon Howden

I learned recently that I’m a 9. If you’re not familiar with Enneagrams, this won’t mean anything to you, but what it means to me is that I now have an excuse for why I can see all sides in an argument and agree with all of them. This trait used to frustrate my family, who always wanted to know what I really believed about an issue.

Whether it’s pro-choice/pro-life advocates, Republicans/Democrats/Independents, religious fanatics/atheists, or debaters on any other volatile topics, I nod my agreement to their arguments. And it’s not just lip-service (or, should I say, head-service?). I do support their views. And I totally get where they’re coming from.

So does that make me a fence-sitter? Not really. I have strong opinions of my own, but I also value the ability to get inside everyone else’s skin and see issues from a different POV (point of view, for any non-writers) or even from multiple POVs. I guess that’s one of the perks of being a writer. I can look at life from many angles.

Which leads to a question: Do I do this because I was born a 9 or did being a writer turn me into a 9?



4 responses

7 05 2010

Seems like a great quality to have as a writer, and as a person. I’m a 4, which is the depressed artist enneagram. It basically means I’m doomed to feeling abandoned and unfulfilled, which I guess are also great qualities to have as a writer…

7 05 2010

I suppose that’s why the stereotype of writers is morose, staring into their drinks in the bar, struggling to find ideas–a lot of artists & writers fit the 4 profile. But 4s are generally the most creative, so you have that going for you. Good luck with your work!

7 05 2010

You may not have been born a 9, but something happened between birth and the age of five to cement you as a 9. And I do think it may be a useful type for a writer. You’ll never have trouble getting into the heads of opposing characters. So it’s a gift!

7 05 2010

Thanks! You always have a way of seeing the best in situations. 🙂

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