Grammar Grrrs…

26 04 2010

Hate seeing misspelled words? Misused expressions? Poor grammar?

You’re not alone. Some of us grammar geeks have been enjoying the wisdom and humor of Hyperbole and a Half. Not only does it contain rants on subjects dear to my heart, but Allie Brosh, the author, also draws pics.

Ever wonder what an Alot looks like? Check out her blog to find out.

BTW, if you’re not a grammar geek like me, put need help with that part of your writing, her pictures will help you remember what words to use when.



3 responses

26 04 2010

Love that site! Thanks for pointing me to it. — Laura (a grammar geek at

26 04 2010

It’s great fun, isn’t it? 🙂 I love the pix.

26 04 2010
Lisa Lawmaster Hess

Read this right after I debated between “trooper” and “trouper.” Thanks for sharing – I’m off to see what alot looks like!

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