I Love Mondays

6 07 2009

Mondays are always so fresh and clean. A chance to begin again and make this week better than the one before. And after a long holiday weekend, they’re even more exciting and filled with promise.

Maybe, though, being in love with Mondays comes from loving what I do. If I had to drag myself to a job I hated, perhaps the first day of the work week would be depressing. If that’s the case for you, why not dare to dream? Ask yourself what would make you yearn for Monday to come. Then take steps to move in that direction.

Make Monday your action day. One tiny step in the direction of your dreams would mean you were that much closer every week. No dream is impossible. Some may take longer to reach than others, but they’re all worth every bit of time and effort you put into them.

If someone had told me 5 years ago that I’d be making my living as a writer, I’d never have believed them. That had been my dream for 20+ years. It took a major trauma in my life–being fired from a job–to move me in this direction. I hope your transition will be less abrupt, but equally as satisfying.

Make this the Monday you head toward YOUR dreams.




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