Dream Time

29 06 2009

Are you running in frantic circles? Have too much to do and not enough time? While you’re here, I hope you’ll take a deep breath and calm your racing heart. Ask yourself: If I wanted to be supremely happy at the end of the day, what three things should I accomplish?

Examine your to-do list. How many items are expectations others put on you? How many items are on there because of your guilty conscience? How many because you want to please other people? Cross off as many of those things as you can–without doing them. Don’t you feel lighter, less burdened, happier?

Count how many things on your list will lead you to your dreams. Focus on where you want to go, what you want to be, and how you’d like to get there. But make sure each day your list has at least one thing, however small, that moves you in the direction of your dreams.

Living your dreams takes courage. If you need more courage, see Finding Courage (below). And always schedule some time to rest, to daydream. Just as your body needs sleep for renewal, your mind and spirit need time to rest, to daydream, to be creative, to learn new things.

I hope you’ll also take some time to smell the roses. Twenty Wild Rose Press authors have banded together to present you with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. A special interlude for you to relax and enjoy.

You can mosey to all the blogs, meandering from one to the other in an hour or so. Or you can stretch it out over the twenty-four hours. Either way, if you leave a comment at each one, you’ll have a chance to win 20 different prizes.



14 responses

29 06 2009

Excellent advice! I had one of those weekends where saying “enough” would have ended the madness. LOL. You should have posted this Friday!!! Have a great week!

29 06 2009
Cate Masters

I get most of my stories from dream time! Great post, Laurie.

29 06 2009
Roni Adams

Thank you for participating in our Rose Bouquet. All the best for happy dreams in the future.


29 06 2009
Mariane Evans

What fantastic advice!! Great blog, Laurie thanks for participating the Rose Bouquet event. 🙂

29 06 2009

I agree, living your dream does take courage! But it is worth it.

Wonderful blog!

29 06 2009
Wendi Zwaduk

Great blog. It’s nice to meet some of the other roses in the garden! I get a lot of my story starts from dream time too.


29 06 2009
Susan Macatee

Great post, Laurie! And excellent advice. I learned to do a lot of the things you suggest years ago, and feel delightfully unburdened and am truly inspired to accomplish my goals. And since I just got my advance print copies of my first full-length TWRP romance today, I feel very fulfilled right now.

29 06 2009

How wonderful for you! Congratulations!

29 06 2009
Jennette Green

Great advice, and I am going to take it!!! 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

29 06 2009
Tanya Hanson

Hi Laurie, oh I need courage. I am such a weenie. I think I don’t dream a lot…last one was a quasi-nightmare about our daughter’s upcoming wedding LOL.

Have a great week, and happy creating!

29 06 2009
Christine Clemetson

Laurie, I loved your post. It is so inspiring. I don’t take enough time now to just sit and think, but I know how important it is.

Thanks so much for posting this.

29 06 2009
Betty Hanawa

It takes a lot of courage to put the book you’ve written out into the world. Congratulations for having the courage to follow your dream.

30 06 2009
Afshan N

Great Post Laurie!!
Very Inspiring, I hope I can stop being such a whip and follow my dreams too!!

30 06 2009

Great advice Laurie, it’s so easy to spend all ones time trying to please other people or do what ‘should’ be done instead of what one would like to do!

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