Review for Rihanna

20 06 2009
Just saw this review from Flipkart:

Book Review of Rihanna ( Series – People In The News )
*Rihanna (People in the News)

Review by Evelyn Richards

Author Laurie J. Edwards does a wonderful job of presenting Rihanna’s life in a readable format. Beginning with the singer’s rough childhood with her cocaine-addicted father to her signing a contract with Jay-Z at age 16 and her subsequent rise to fame, the biography is a page-turner. Edwards draws you in and keeps you interested throughout as she tells little-known details of the behind-the-scenes persona of Rihanna. Sneak peeks at other performers, such as Gwen Stefani, Maroon 5, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, and many others.



6 responses

21 06 2009

Whoot! Great review Laurie….you’re so in the know. 😉

23 06 2009

Thanks, Tracy!!

22 06 2009
Lisa Lawmaster Hess

What a great review! It does exactly what you’d hope a review will do – makes you want to read the book. Congratulations!

23 06 2009

I hope it does… Thanks for the support ( in many different ways), Lisa!

23 06 2009
Kitty Keswick

Whoot, awesome review, Laurie! I ordered the book BTW. I have to pick it up this week at the bookstore! Do you have autographed bookplates? Hint, Hint.

23 06 2009

Guess I should order some bookplates, Kitty, but I’ll autograph your copy next time I see you. Sometime soon I hope…

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