Special SECRET Launch Party

19 05 2009

Shh…don’t tell. Tomorrow’s the big day, so keep it under wraps ’til then. Will you join me in wishing someone a happy launch day? Here are the details (written by Darcy Vance):

Launching a first novel is a once in a lifetime experience. On May 19th, when The Geek Girls Guide to Cheerleading is released, I’ll be celebrating at my town’s indie bookstore where I’ll be partying it up with family, friends, co-workers and anyone else I can drag off the street. Once that’s done, we’re moving the partay to my house.

My co-author and internet BFF, Charity Tahmaseb, is not so lucky. It’s an extraordinarily busy time for her at her day job, so she’ll be stuck in the office all day — and probably too exhausted to do much celebrating once the work day ends. I’m asking you to help me make her day special.


With the help of a good geeky friend, I hope to have a post ready on our website by the time Charity wakes up on Launch Day. (This will be a surprise in itself because, for a geek girl, I’m a little techno-tarded – Charity usually handles all the website duties.)

What do YOU have to do? Just leave a comment congratulating her at: www.thegeekgirlsguide.com Oh, and if you have a blog of your own, I’d appreciate it if you would mention the party in your post that day and link to our site.


If you already know Charity, that’s a no-brainer. If you haven’t met her yet, here’s why:


You can take my word for that, or you can read on:

The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading was originally Charity’s solo project. I fell in love with her story the first time she let me read it and I pushed hard for her to make the revisions that a prospective agent suggested. Charity declined to make those changes until May of 2007.

That’s when my 21 year old son was diagnosed with tongue cancer. In those first days after the diagnosis and original surgery, his prognosis was grim at best – and Charity was a huge support to me. Her inbox was always open. After a week or so I sent her an email thanking her for being such a good friend. She responded back right away, telling me that she wished she could do more — but that we lived so far apart (I’m in Indiana. Charity lives in Minnesota.) it wasn’t like she could pop down the street and deliver a hotdish to me.

But the next day, she did exactly that. She sent another email. In it, she invited me to join a private online group for just the two of us. She’d named the group Hotdish. There was a message waiting for me when I visited the group. It said, “Remember that story? The one about the geeky cheerleaders? What if we worked on it together?”

Charity knew I needed something to think about besides my son being so sick. She knew I needed money too. She proposed that we revise the novel together, then try to get an agent for it. If we were successful and the agent could sell the novel, I could use my part of the advance to help pay my son’s rapidly mounting medical bills.

Over the next few weeks, Charity and I worked on the novel together. By the time my son was scheduled for surgery to remove the cancer, we had revised most of the book. While my son was in the hospital, Charity created a new query letter and mailed it to a list of agents.

My son’s surgery was successful – and so was Charity’s query letter! We had a lot of interest immediately and, within a couple of months, we were working with an agent to further revise the manuscript.

My son started to recover. And, by the time his doctor said everything would be okay, our agent had sold The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading to Simon Pulse!

That’s why I believe that no one deserves to celebrate a book launch more than my friend, my critique partner, my co-author, and my hero: Charity Tahmaseb. No hero should spend the day of her first novel’s release without a proper celebration. Won’t you help me make it special for her?

Thank you,

Darcy Vance

P.S. If my plea wasn’t enough to convince you, I am not above bribery. One lucky commenter on our website May 19th will receive a gift bag that includes:

An autographed copy of The Geek Girl’s Guide

A custom made Viva La Geek beaded bracelet

An exclusive Geek Is The New Black t-shirt

And other fabulously nerdy stuff

The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading — because
high school doesn’t come with an user’s manual.



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